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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crazy Daze!!

I had told the kids a few weeks ago that we would just take these last couple of weeks before school starts and do "nothing". My hope was that I would bore them (at least Dawson) into wanting to start school. Whatever!!! We have been as busy as, if not busier than, ever!! It's those last minute dentist and hair cut appointments, enrolling for school, buying school supplies and clothes, going swimming one more time, going to Big Splash one more time, going to the movies one more time, etc. Whew!!

Kyndal is at the dentist as I write this post. She is getting a crown on a tooth she had a root canal in a couple of years ago. She also went to the orthodontist this week and is getting braces on the 25th. She's excited! ... although I have never figured out why! Brynne's birthday is tomorrow so we'll be wrapped up in her all day, and we're taking her to get her 3 year picture. Dawson leaves for another campout tomorrow evening to get his canoeing badge. I don't think I have updated about our anole egg(s), but the first one shriveled up and died. But, she has laid another one and we successfully extracted it from the hiding place and have kept it intact or over a week now. We are hoping to get a baby out of this one. Eli just follows us wherever we go, protesting all the way, but his vocabulary has exploded in the past couple of weeks and he is really talking well. He is also remembering things from one day to the next and will talk about it. It's so great. For the first time ever his speech is obviously beyond Brynne's. He has more definition and meaning to his sentences. He starts school on Wednesday, too, so that will be great.

I am ready for school to start. I'm ready to get everybody to bed earlier and to have more time to clean my house and be organized. It's been pretty chaotic this summer.

Yesterday "the girls" celebrated our August birthdays at Lori's pool. That has become one of my favorite days of the year. It's fun to celebrate with others. Tonight about 20 of us are going to the Jenks Riverwalk to eat cheese and chocolate at The Melting Pot and then listen to a KXOJ Christian concert. That will be fun!

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