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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day Follow-up

In case you were wondering if the day ended any better than it started for the boys .. YES IT DID!

When I asked Dawson how his day went, he said, "Great!" He said is was "almost fun."

Eli was happy as can be when I picked him up. He hugged his teacher and told her he would see her tomorrow. She said he settled down pretty quickly and had a great day.

Brynne survived without everybody. We sang some Hannah Montana and trashed her room with all of her toys. So, it was fine.

Kyndal had a great day, as she usually does. But, she was annoyed that she was changed from one of her classes to teacher's aide .. PE teacher's aide .. how humiliating for her! She's going to try to get out of that tomorrow.

Anyway, the first day ended up super for everybody. We'll see how tomorrow goes ...

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