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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Court of Honor

Last night was Dawson's first Boy Scout Court of Honor. Each of the patrols did a humorous skit (some more humorous than others) and then lined up to receive their badges, pins and ranks. Dawson received the first rank of Tenderfoot (which is really good considering he just started scouts at the beginning of this summer.) He received his Archery badge, Canoeing badge and Swimming Badge. He thought that he should have received his Reptiles and Amphibians badge, and maybe his Bicycling badge, so we are checking into those. He also received the 1st Year Hale pin (Hale is where they go to their week long summer camp), his Archery Hale pin and his Soaring to Eagle Hale pin. After they received their recognitions they showed a presentation of photos from the campouts and activities they have done in the last 6 months. It was really cool to see him caving and canoeing and repelling. We finished off the night with some ice cream from Freckles. We are very proud of Dawson for his seriousness towards Scouts. This Troop is awesome and we are so glad he is part of it.

Kyndal is dying today with her braces! She is in pain, but is impressed that her two front teeth are already appearing straight! She had pudding for breakfast, just so she could take some Ibuprofen, and doesn't know what she'll eat for lunch. I told her to try to find some mashed potatoes and jello.

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