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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The First Day Excitement, Jitters and Tears

Of course Kyndal was chomping at the bit to get to school .. couldn't wait! She's even pretty numb to the embarrassing photos. So, dropping her off went off without a hitch. Dawson, on the other hand, was a bit emotional all morning. I'm sure some of it had to do with his being tired, but he was just really nervous. He had tears at the youth breakfast and as soon as we dropped Kyndal off he started crying. I was really afraid he would cry at the school. He wasn't even this bad his first day of kindergarten! But, I just told him some embarrassing stories about me in junior high that made him laugh and he seemed to calm down. He wanted me to walk him into the school, so I did. They intercepted them right inside the door to take them to the gym for "rise and shine", so he walked on in without breaking down. I just walked out, quickly, so he didn't change his mind. And then I prayed for him all the way home. Sixth grade is just really different, but I know he is going to have a good year.

As I mentioned previously, my year is going to be C-R-A-Z-Y as far as a schedule is concerned. Last night I was actually confused about where I needed to be, when. So, I wrote down my schedule ... just for today. It took up a whole index card! I thought you might get a kick out of seeing it. Now, keep in mind, today included some extras with the breakfast, etc. But also keep in mind that this doesn't even include Brynne's preschool schedule that starts in September. I'm just going to have my Suburban painted yellow. Maybe I can pick up some extra money with my taxi service.

At 1:00 I took Eli to his first day at the 4-year old program. Don't let the picture deceive you .. it did not go well! As soon as he realized we weren't going the direction of his old school, he started to get upset. I thought it would better for him if I just dropped him off the first day instead of going in with him. I didn't want to start something. He said, "Are you going in wif me?" I told him no and handed his hand over to his teacher. Let's just say I could still hear him screaming, "Mommy!!" when we rounded the corner. Brynne said, "He wants his mommy." Oh, dear. I was very sad .. probably as sad as him! So, I didn't get a picture of him in front of his school. I plan to take some time when picking him up to take some more pictures. I'm hoping he is not still crying then.

When we got home I had Brynne get out her rest nap for school. She has to take a 30 minute rest at school, so I figured we could go ahead and start practicing. We'll see if she makes it a full 30 minutes before she comes to find me.

(P.S. It took 15 minutes .. better than I thought!!)

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