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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween, cont.

Ahh, finally! Here is Eli as Kung Fu Panda. I hated the store-bought costumes, because they were just cheap and cheasy, so I "made" this one. I bought a Land's End panda outfit and added the shorts and other accessories. He loved it!! As you can see here, he has the moves down! I didn't get a "good" picture of him at home like I did with the other kids because he was "in the restroom" when we needed to leave and I never got the picture taken. In fact, I didn't get one of them all together either. It's impossible with their age differences, and different schedules, to have them all dressed and together. Oh well.

Dawson was Penguin from Batman. It was really funny because he had said he wasn't going to dress up at all. Of course the week of Halloween he decided to, but most costumes his size were gone. He saw that tuxedo shirt and said, "I have a top hat at home, I could be Penguin." And, the costume just evolved from there. I think it's pretty good actually!

And Miss Brynne was Minnie Mouse. Isn't she cute?? You can't see it, but she has a tail, too. She loved her tail!!

Well, there you have it! Another successful Halloween! I'm exhausted! I can take about a 15 minute break before I need to get in gear planning Kyndal's birthday party. That' just how it is this time of year ... plan, plan, plan!!

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