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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dust and Duties

Well, I first used the Swiffer spray on Saturday, I think, and TODAY is the first day I have noticed any dust on my J-Bar in the kitchen.  That's the place I usually see dust first because the light shines in our wall of windows on the back of the house right into the kitchen.  It's a light dusting, however, not a barrage of thick dust that usually settles the morning after I have just dusted.  I am quite pleased with that!  I broke the rules on the can and dusted my concrete floors with it too, hoping to repel a little dust.  It makes the floor a little slick, but must have adhered because the floor "squeaks" when you walk on it in socks.

Thursdays are crazy days for me.  I will leave here at 9:15 to take Brynne to preschool, will drop Eli off in the Bible study nursery and go to Bible study from 9:30-11:30.  Since we only have an hour until he goes to school, I'll take him somewhere to eat lunch so we don't have to drive all the way home .. probably Chik-fil-a.  I'll take Eli to school at 12:45 and then probably go run some errands.  Again, I hate to drive all the way home when I have to pick Brynne up from school at 2:30.  I may go shopping for Kyndal's birthday presents.  That's coming up quick!  I'll pick Brynne up at 2:30 and then she and I will probably go to the library.  We'll pick Eli up at 3:30 and head home, hopefully for the evening.  Dawson has a math test we have to study for tonight and Kyndal has about 90 pages in her book to read so she can take her first AR test of this quarter.  The girl kills me with this reading goal every quarter!  When she's done with this book her and I are going to read, together, a book called "The Mother Daughter Book Club".  I am hoping that if I read a book with her, that we can talk about, that she might be more motivated to read.  We can only hope.  Busy day ahead, but at least the sun is shining!!

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