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Monday, November 24, 2008

Like Totally, Fer Sure!!

Well, Kyndal's 80's Murder Mystery birthday party was a success!  I was a little stressed about it! I had flashbacks to her 10th birthday party where we did a "game" theme.  It was tons of work and all the girls did was complain and fight.  That was the last organized party I let Kyndal do. Since then we have just gone to the mall, etc., with a few girls.  But this year she begged for a party, so we picked the theme and went for it!  But, I was really afraid the guests would think it was lame and that she would be embarrassed!  Then we couldn't get any guys to show up, except for two, so me, Dawson and his friend Bennie had to fill in to play the guy parts.  I had spent hours preparing the clues and food, etc.  Like I said, I was stressed!

But, it went great!  Everyone played the parts and mingled and had fun.  They all participated until the end without any grumbling that it was stupid!  Alligator Dundee (Dawson) was murdered with a Rubiks Cube to the head by Lindy Lauper (our neighbor Kristina).  Two of the guests guessed the murderer correctly, so they arm-wrestled for the prize.  Wee Pee Verman (Blake) walked away with a Ms. Pacman Plug-n-play game.

We were completely done with the party an hour earlier than expected, so the kids just played basketball in the gym of the church until parents came to get them.  It was a great group of kids.  And Kyndal had a great time!

I have now taken a large sigh of relief ... and launched into planning the last birthday party of the year.  Eli's construction themed party is December 13th.

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