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Monday, November 10, 2008

Better today!

Brynne is all better today!  The fever is gone and so is the tummy virus.  She's back to normal .. irritating Eli at every opportunity!

Rick is leaving for California right now.  We won't see him until Friday morning, briefly, and then I'm leaving for the weekend to go scrapbooking so I won't really see him until Sunday night!

Today it's cold and rainy.  I just want to curly up and take a nap!

I am so excited!  I have the majority of my Christmas gift bought!  That's quite an accomplishment for me since I usually don't really even start until the 1st week of December.  I really only have my kids left .. all extended family is pretty much DONE!  


  1. Okay...I love you and all but the fact you have most of your Christmas shopping done, makes me want to smack you!

    Ozarks Pal

  2. Hi there :)
    I noticed from the awesome bloggygiveaways site that you are interested in holiday cards.

    If you'd like, I'd love for you to take a peek at my designs []. I have my 2008 cards posted and am running a maternity special for this season [I just had my 3rd baby...a little girl...4 weeks ago :)] Prices are only $40 for 50 cards!

    Let me know if you are interested, and thank you - I enjoyed seeing your blog [your background reminds me of the birth announcment i just did for my daughter...and the 'from this moment' one of my favs...ha!]

    Stephanie Pearson


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