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Saturday, November 1, 2008

My New Best Friend

Meet my new favorite product!  My mom told me about Swiffer Dust and Shine.  Dusting is my least favorite thing in the world to do!  And our house is always so dusty .. especially our dark furniture (and all of our furniture is dark!)  So, I bought it yesterday.  I read that it is also good for granite and other surfaces, not just wood.  I used it today on my granite countertops in the kitchen, all of my wood surfaces, and even my stainless appliances.  It was AWESOME!  It's not greasy, like most wood polishes.  It actually picked up the dust instead of moving it around. And my granite and stainless were streak-free.  I highly recommend using this.  I'm sure it's not "green" or anything like that.  But it works.  One warning, though, I read a review that said that it contains almond oil.  If you have a child with an allergy, you should probably know that.

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