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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SALE ALERT ~ American Eagle Outfitters

If you are a mother of a teenager, hurry to American Eagle Outfitters' online sale!!

All Clearance items are an extra 30% off. And, all tees are Buy 1, Get One 50% off after the already 30% off!

Dawson loves this store! And, there were some cute items I wanted, too! And, their kids' store 77 had great sales, too! Since I was already getting Free Shipping on what I was ordering Dawson, I got some things for Eli and Brynne, too!

Now, I spent $400 {that I had been saving} ... all of my kids needed pretty much all new summer wardrobes this year because of extreme growth. But, for that $400 I got 15 shirts, 3 hoodies, 4 pair of jeans, 7 pair of shorts and 3 pair of shoes. And, I have a happy teenager! That's something that doesn't often happen!

If you ever buy anything from American Eagle, you know that I would have spent half that $400 on the jeans alone, had I bought them full price.

Sizes are going quick, though, so hurry!

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  1. My kids thank you 736.42 times! My husband does not. Thanks so much for posting.


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