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Friday, April 2, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Knows What's Really Important

He had the day off today for Good Friday.

He could have spent the day playing golf (well, not really since it rained ... and even hailed ... this morning.) But, he could have if the weather would have been nice, and he had been planning to for over a week.

He could have worked on the arm-length list of things to do at home. And he had planned to do this when the golf plans fell through.

But instead, he spent the day doing this ...

Helping Eli open the 16 eggs he found at the egg hunt.

A very happy young man with his daddy.

Reading a story to Eli's kindergarten class.

Finishing off the afternoon at Brynne's egg hunt. Daddy helped hide the eggs.

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Knows What's Really Important.

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