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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... it was windy and chilly, but in the 45 minutes since I got up the wind has calmed down and the sun is starting to peek out. Just another Oklahoma Spring day ahead! (Which means, unpredictable!)

I am thinking... about our cruise that's in 5 weeks. Cannot wait!

I am thankful ... for friends who know I'm a recluse (and even make fun of me because of it), but who will still call and invite us out.

I am wearing... gray fleece pants, a gray t-shirt, a zip up hoodie and Nike's (it's chilly this morning!)

I am remembering... how at a very early age I had an extreme need to be included, to be chosen, to feel special. Why is that? What makes people have the needs they have?

I am creating... my speech for the ladies at Windsor United Methodist Church that is this Sunday, teacher appreciation gifts, gift ideas for my mom and sister's birthdays and May Day baskets. Busy week!

I am going... to tan every day that I can between now and the cruise. Need to mask that cellulite while wearing a bikini!

I am reading... Winter Garden, by Kristin Hannah.

I am hoping... that my puppies keep doing so well with their potty training! (I'm down to cleaning up maybe one accident a day between all four puppies. Some days there are none.)

On my mind... is how Rick and I see so much of our family situations in the sitcom Parenthood and how we actually learn some lessons by watching it. I've heard the ratings haven't been that great, so I hope it continues!

From the learning rooms... Brynne has an exciting week this week in Pre-K! Today a safari zoo is bringing animals to display and tomorrow their baby chicks are supposed to hatch! Eli gets to celebrate with his teacher on Friday at a special lunch for completing his year-long ABC spiral. Kyndal is "learning" while sitting in detention a couple of days this week for getting caught with her cell phone (hee .. hee) and Dawson's grades are really solid.

Noticing that ... I love my life right now! Could I have found the contentment I have been needing?

From the kitchen... still eating Weight Watchers, but loving what we are eating! It's amazing to me how much healthier and yummier our meals are. Doesn't even feel like we are dieting!

Around the house... is beauty.

One of my favorite things... is definitely my back porch. I love it! I sit on it so much that I am behind on just about everything else. But, to me, that's truly living. The other stuff just doesn't matter.

A few plans for the rest of the week... We have a busy week! Today I'm tanning, buying some birthday gifts and picking up Kyndal from school. Then she has a baseball game to go watch this evening. I'm hoping to sit down and watch The Biggest Loser with Dawson. Tomorrow Brynne's eggs hatch at school. That will have lots of excitement! I need to finish the projects for the Mother Daughter Banquet and write my speech. I need to make some May Day baskets so we can get them delivered before we leave for Missouri this weekend. I need to get laundry put away and seasonal clothes switched out. I need to get the house ready for Rick and Dawson to be here alone this weekend. Then this weekend most of us are heading to Missouri.

From my picture journal.

My little Oklahoma Land Runners. And, no, they are not SOONERS!

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  1. I thought I was looking at a picture from Little House on The Prairie!!! How cute is that.

  2. Wow you are a busy girl. Sorry I haven't been around much to visit. Busy getting my daughters party together. Will have more time, now that is over with.
    Have a good rest of the week.


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