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Friday, April 9, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's an Idea Man

Sometimes our great ideas don't exactly pan out.

We had a bench on our front porch. It was actually supposed to be an indoor bench but I liked it outside. However, the weather had weakened it and it was about to break.

Here's Kyndal sitting on it on the first day of school.

Rick had an idea: Let's reinforce the broken part on the front, take off the lid to the storage compartment in the seat and use it for a flower bed in one of our front gardens. I loved the idea!

So, yesterday I planted all of the flowers.

Isn't it beautiful??

While standing there admiring my work, the bottom fell right out of it and the whole thing crashed to the ground. I couldn't believe it!

Rick was working from home, so he came out and we "fixed" it and I replanted all of the flowers.

While we were standing there admiring our work, the bottom fell right out of it again! and the whole thing crashed to the ground. We couldn't believe it!

So, now the bench is in a trash heap ...

the flowers have been planted in other pots ...

and he put together my new bench for our front porch.

He has great ideas! Sometimes, they just don't work out.

Ah, but sometimes they do ...

You have no idea what a huge project this has been (and still is). It looks awesome!

And, he's currently working on another one.

Rick Rocks ~ Because he's an idea man!


  1. Hmmm....if you'll take a good look at the last picture, it would appear that you might still be honoring Easter! God DOES work in mysterious ways.

  2. I saw the shadow of the cross in the last picture and thought it was super cool!!

    I sure loved the pic of the flowers planted on the bench. It was a beautiful idea! Sorry it didn't work. The new bench looks great!!

  3. very cool, thanks for the blog invite! you really have a super lovely family! it will be fun to follow your homeschooling adventures...especially since i'm ALSO taking it on this year. i have a post planned for my blog where i'm going to share the curriculum i decided to use, after researching. so, it will be fun...we're all excited!

    p.s. i actually used to live in Broken Arrow, OK for about a year...


  4. I love what Rick has done with your bench. That is such a neat idea. I really like all your pots too. Looks good. I remember reading about starting on that hill. It has come a long way.


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