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Friday, April 23, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Takes Care of Me

Several years ago Rick and I got Razor cell phones. Remember when those were all the rage? His was silver and mine was pink.

Well, along came the iPhone and Rick jumped on board. But not me. I still liked my little pink Razor.

The only problem? I couldn't text on it worth a darn. It would take me forever. And, I'm a grammar freak, so getting the sentence structure just right took too much time! By the time I edited and finalized my text, Rick or one of the kids had already texted me several times, finally ending with "Mom/Hon, are you there?"

So a couple of months ago, at my upgrade time, Rick bought me a new cell phone. It was a touch screen. I actually told him I didn't think I would want a touch screen because I am so hard on my phones. But, he traded in my pink Razor and got me a touch screen phone.

That was on a Saturday.

On Monday morning I put the kids in the car to go to school and remembered I forgot Eli's lunch in the house. I put my purse down on the ground {you see were this is going, right?}, grabbed his lunch and hopped in the car. I hit reverse and noticed some resistance. I immediately thought, "Oh, no." Oh, yes.

I had backed over my purse.

Did it crush my lipstick? Nope. Did it break my sunglasses? Nope. Did it crack the screen of my two day old cell phone to where it would no longer work? Yep! Did I have insurance? Well, what do you think???

I like to call these little mishaps some of my "endearing qualities" ... like running out of gas or locking my keys in my car. {I am the sole reason why AAA goes in the red every year, by the way.}

I know that when I call Rick, his first thought is, "What have you done?" and/or "How much is this going to cost me?"

Well, remember that Rick had traded in my pink Razor ... which left me with no phone. So, we pulled out his silver Razor {that blared "Take my Life" by Jeremy Camp every time a call came in} and that became my phone.

So, I have plinked away at the keys on this phone since then, annoying the poo out of anyone who dares to text me.

So, it was time for an upgrade and Rick was going to get me another phone. His iPhone had been cracked for well over a year and the screen was getting smaller and smaller. So, I insisted on him getting himself a new iPhone. He reluctantly did it. My next upgrade now isn't until next summer.

So, I have plinked away at the keys on this phone since then ... and the annoyances have gotten more intense! (on both ends, I assure you.)

The other day I was grocery shopping. Rick was texting me. All of a sudden he said, "Are you about done? Meet me at the AT&T store." I started laughing! He had taken all he could take.

So, I met him at the store and the clerk handed me this.

Isn't it cute? This is my new favorite thing!

I can text so easily! And, now I even like it!

But, wait, you say, this is a My Husband Rocks post and, as usual, this post has been all about you. Yes it is! And yes it has been so far. My Husband does Rock for getting me a new phone {and paying way more than the upgrade cost}!

But this is why he really rocks ....

When I thanked him for getting me the phone, he said, "I just like to take care of you."

That's why he really rocks!

Rick Rocks ~ Because he takes care of me!

(And, I've had the phone for a whole four days and haven't ruined it yet! But, we did opt to not trade in the silver Razor, just in case!)

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome!
    I had the Razor, and it was hard to text on.
    Enjoy your new phone!


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