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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... another beautiful sunny day, after a rainy weekend.

I am thinking... about Eli's teeth. He has a permanent tooth coming in behind his first loose baby tooth that has shifted it way over. I am hoping he doesn't have to have that baby tooth pulled by the dentist. It's barely loose.

I am thankful ... for a teenage daughter with a relatively good head on her shoulders.

I am wearing... walking clothes.

I am remembering... my nurturing nature and what a need it is for me (my Acts of Service love language) ~ the puppies, my garden, my husband, my kids.

I am creating... more and more piles of outgrown clothes that need to be sorted and marked for a garage sale.

I am going... to clean the bathrooms, put away laundry, take a shower and go do some shopping this afternoon.

I am reading... Winter Garden, by Kristin Hannah.

I am hoping... that I can find someone (hopefully my neighbor girls) to take care of the puppies while we are on vacation so that we don't have to board them for 10 days ... traumatic for them .. expensive for us!

On my mind... is me ... Rick ... a tropical location ... alone!

From the learning rooms... the countdown to the end is on!

Noticing that ... Spring weather brings out the desire in people to get out and exercise. Or, could it be the fear of putting on a bathing suit?

From the kitchen... we are back into Weight Watchers. The great thing about it is all of the fruits, veggies and whole grains I have stocked in the pantry and fridge. Even if we don't actually lose weight, we are certainly eating better!

Around the house... are so many Spring home improvement projects.

One of my favorite things... is caring for and watching my little vegetable garden, anxiously waiting for those first sprouts.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today we are taking the puppies for their shots. I am hoping to actually sit down this evening and watch t.v. (we are at least one week behind on every show we watch!). Tomorrow I'm planning to get some mowing down in the afternoon. On Thursday, I have a planning meeting for Brynne's carnival day at school, and then will stay and do copies for kindergarten. On Friday, Eli is suppose to have an Oklahoma Land Run day, but there is a 70% chance of rain. This weekend we have no plans. I am sure Rick will spend the weekend outdoors working on the land bridge he is building over our creek. I will likely get out and do some deweeding (already!).

From my picture journal.

My vegetable garden ... sunflowers, tomatoes, marigolds, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, squash, peas, green beans and blueberries.

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  1. I just finished my first Kristin Hannah book and LOVED it. Can't wait to read more from her.
    I hope Eli doesn't need to get his tooth pulled. Dylan has had a loose tooth for almost 10 months, and at his recent checkup, the dentist said she could feel the permanent tooth behind the loose tooth. She told me not to worry if it comes through, because it will push the baby tooth out. Hope it's the same for Eli!

  2. Let me know when you're having your garage sale. I bet I could probably buy a lot of Kendal's clothes for Hannah.


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