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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"What I Got For the Money" Wednesday

This is one of those months.  There are five shopping Tuesdays in April, so my money has to stretch over another week.  With JBF last week, let's just say I didn't do so well on my grocery shopping.  This week I decided to shop for two weeks, instead of one, and I plan to do the same thing in two weeks when I head to the store again.  Of course I'll have to go get bread and milk and any other emergencies (maybe some household), but meals and snacks are accounted for. That all being said, I didn't do too bad for two weeks.

(5) Loaves bread  $6.52
Total  $7.08

Chicken nuggets  $ 3.99
Pork chops  4.81
Flour tortillas  1.79
85% lean ground beef  2.49
Cheese puffs  .99
(2) Chips  2.58
(2) French green beans  .98
Cream of chicken  .49
(2) Refried beans  1.30
Cream of mushroom .49
Spaghettios with meatballs  .79
Cinnamon rolls (for Easter breakfast)  1.49
(4) Swiss cake rolls (2 for next week)  3.96
Bran flakes  1.49
White bread  .79
Bananas  1.40
Cheese pizza kit  2.49
(2) Dozen eggs  1.98
3 lbs. Granny smith apples  1.99
Poptarts  1.69
5 lb. Sugar  2.16
Flour tortillas  .99
3 c. Shredded cheddar  2.49
3 c. Shredded italian blend  2.49
Biscuits  1.19
Tomatoes  1.49
Lettuce  .99
Total  $54.02


Zero WW point tortillas  3.16
Cereal  4.86
Frozen blueberries  3.08
(2) Frozen pizzas  2.50
Small shells pasta  1.16
Rotini pasta  1.16
Poptarts  2.88
Spaghetti sauce  1.08
Apple juice  1.97
Syrup  2.86
Fruit snacks  1.44
Wheat Ritz crackers  2.50
Crispix cereal (for daddy)  2.92
Bulk goldfish  6.46
(2) Mac and cheese  1.58
Tomato soup  .68
Mandarin oranges  1.77
Velveeta  4.42
Vanilla pudding  1.00
Koolaid  1.76
Butter tub  .96
Frozen burritos  2.98
Chicken patties  4.98
Ham  2.96
Junior lunchable  1.94
Unknown item  1.22
Raisins  1.13
Total Groceries  $70.97

Vinegar  $1.22
Cat litter  6.38
(2) 2-pk reusable tupperware  1.00
Total Household $ 9.33

Total Groceries $ 132.07
Total Household $ 9.33

If you divide that total of groceries out over two weeks and add the milk I still need to buy, that has me spending right at $78.00 for each week.  Maybe I should go back to shopping every two weeks???  We'll see how the next trip goes before I decide.

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  1. What brand are the Zero WW point Tortillas? I haven't found those yet!


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