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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday ~ Brynne's Easter Party

Today was Brynne's Easter party at preschool.  Days like this are so busy!  I had Bible study, so got us all up and out the door and into town by 9 a.m.  That's a feat in and of itself! Thankfully, Brynne's preschool is at the church where I attend Bible study.  I dropped Eli off at child care, took her to preschool and headed to another amazing study on the book of Esther.  It has been a life-changing, bondage-freeing study and I highly recommend it to every woman!  It's tough being a woman ... and this study helps you weather that storm!

I had to leave right at the beginning of the video portion to go to her Easter party.  Eli was invited to come along, so I dropped by and picked him up.  The kids had pizza, and cookies and cupcakes, and then went out to do their egg hunt.  They are so cute at that age, running around snatching up eggs, taking a quick detour on the play gym and down the slide!  They all got their eggs and headed back inside for a piece of candy and a nap.

Oh, and here is a picture of Ms. Shelbi (I told you I would have it on here by tonight!!).  Ms. Shelbi has been Brynne's Bible teacher this year, and has taken the place of one of her teachers who was not able to finish the year.  Ms. Shelbi reads my blog, so I just had to put a pic of her on it!!!  :)

I went ahead and took Brynne home with me after the egg hunt, and dropped Eli off at school. Then my friend, Loren, came over for a catch-up visit.  We had such a nice long talk about "things".  Her friendship has become so very important to me!  She's prompting me to dig deep into some issues that continue to plague me, to seek God and have him reveal to me what He is trying to teach me.  Her support is invaluable to me in my continual spiritual journey.

Right now it's quiet in the house.  Eli is playing his xbox, Dawson and Brynne are outside playing with nerf guns (playing 007), and Rick and Kyndal ran into town to get Rick a haircut. My kitchen is a disaster and I need to get it cleaned up and start the nighttime routine ... *sigh*.


  1. omg our town is just soo small. Jantz is friends with harrison, one of miss shelbys sons! She is awesome!!!
    and your friendship is a gift I cherish and can't thank the Lord ENOUGH that he has blessed me with YOU, wonderful, loving fun, and oh so "compassionate" ;) YOU

  2. I just love that first picture. Your girl is beautiful.

  3. Oh my you crazy girl---what are you thinking? Hit DELETE or EDIT quickly! One of my worst things to do or see is my picture-----though I must say Brynne is adorable so just cover my face with a big black dot. :) Not only is Brynne adorable she is sweet, polite and a joy to be around.
    TO LOREN--Your awesome!! Harrison had a great time at your house, thanks for making him feel so welcome and comfortable over there. Jantzen is awesome too!!!


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