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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today  ~  April 7, 2009

Outside my window... it's sunny and no wind finally!  It's supposed to be 61 degrees today and steadily warmer through the weekend. We might actually get to wear our Easter outfits on Easter this year!

I am thinking... about the marriages Satan is successfully destroying right now, and our willingness to just let Satan have his way with us.  (Lord, let this be an eye-opener for me and every married person to TAKE CARE of our spouse's needs in the ways they need them taken care of!)

I am thankful for... a husband who works like a dog so I don't have to.

From the learning rooms... we're just working on letters.  Eli was tested on his letter sounds and only missed 4!!!  I am so proud of him!  Brynne got a little "computer" at JBF that has you pick what letter/number comes before/after another one and they have been playing that constantly!  Kyndal and Dawson just need to hang in there for the next 7 weeks!!

From the kitchen... I have piles left over from last week's disorganization that I need to get reorganized.

I am wearing... jeans, a gray shirt and gray short-sleeved hoodie jacket, silver tennis shoes and my fake Chanel earrings to make me feel special!!

I am creating... Easter baskets and an "All About Me" poster for Eli for school.

I am going... to get back into my workout schedule tomorrow if it kills me!!!

I am reading... my friends' blogs and magazines.  I still haven't finished my book.

I am hoping... I can get all of our summer activities paid for, and still have a little left over for summer clothes for Kyndal and Dawson.  

I am hearing... Eli playing his car game on Xbox.  (I think I say that every week.  We take Brynne to preschool on Tuesdays, come home and he goes straight to his Xbox for some alone time.  I work on my blog and do housework.  It's so nice!!)

Around the house... I finally don't have JBF piles!!

One of my favorite things... is being a wife and mommy and I'm back to doing that full time this week.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Today I get to go grocery shopping.  I am excited to do that!  I like the normalcy of my life.  Thursday is Brynne's egg hunt at school that I'm going to go watch.  On Friday Kyndal has a small group party to go to and I have been invited to a Pampered Chef party, but I don't think I'm going to go.  I just want to stay home and rest up for the busy weekend.  On Saturday we are getting up bright and early to go to the Zoobilee celebration at the Tulsa Zoo.  They're having a Penguin egg hunt, inflatables, pictures with the Easter Bunny and other things.  It will be fun.  Then on Sunday we are going to get up for a special breakfast, go to church, come home and hunt Easter eggs while lunch is cooking, eat lunch, then just play outside the rest of the day.  I love Easter weekend, and it's a bonus that the weather is going to be so nice!!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Isn't this necklace cute???  I bought it, a glass locket, off of for $14.00.  You can put anything in it you want!  For St. Patrick's Day I put in a picture of a shamrock.  I made this "Just Between Friends" necklace by cutting up a promotional postcard.  I got TONS of compliments on it all week (free advertising around my neck!!)  For Easter I have printed out a black cross on red cardstock.  Our family is wearing black, white and red for Easter (I always like to color coordinate us on Easter .. I don't know why.  Rick thought these were kindof "racy" colors for Easter, but what the heck.)

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