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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday ~ Four Pounds

For the two of you who have been following my quest to lose 5 lbs., I have an update for you today.  Some of you reading this may be irritated that I am actually wasting time blogging about losing weight.  I know a few of you who are trying to lose some pounds, more than just 5, and are struggling.  I apologize if I irritate you.  I am genetically thin (thank you mom and dad), but am approaching 40!  Two years ago I lost 13 pounds doing Weight Watchers (unofficially) and working out at the Y.  I have never been in better shape or felt better than at that time. Because of our move, I don't go to the Y anymore, but I do work out at home most mornings. Anyway, in the last 6 months or so I've gained a few pounds, that haven't naturally come off, and then gained a few more when I spent the week at my parents' over Spring Break.  All of my weight gain goes to my stomach!  Thus .. muffin top .. YUCK!  I can't deal with that, or when I look in the mirror and look "fleshy".  This is especially heinous on my ultra white non-tanned skin.

The first of February I set a goal to lose 5 pounds by the end of May.  As of Spring Break I had actually gained 2 lbs.  But, for whatever reason, I have lost 4 lbs. the past couple of weeks!  Now I only have 3 lbs. to go to reach my goal weight for summer.

One great motivation is looking back at the pictures of our trip to Bermuda.  I was tanned, and toned and thin.  Oh, how I want to look like that again!  Rick and I have decided to plan a cruise to Hawaii next summer (oh yeah mom, can you keep the kids that week?)  Kyndal and Dawson are planning to go on a vacation to DC with their other grandmother, so we thought we might do a couple-only big vacation, then just take the kids on a weekend somewhere later in the summer. (We ALWAYS do something for at least a weekend as a family in the summer.)  

Rick and I LOVE to cruise!  I've been on a total of 7 in my lifetime, and Rick and I have been on 3 together.  We are hooked!  And, you will be too if you ever go on one.  I think he really wanted to head back to Bermuda, but I hate to burn our vacations doing something we've already done.  I plan to visit as many places in my lifetime as possible!  A cruise through the Hawaiian islands would allow us to visit 4 of the islands for the price of one, and we'd save tons of money on food, etc., by having the ship docked there.  I've researched the few things we want to do there ... Rick golf, going to swim in some waterfalls, the beach to watch surfers, a luau ... and a cruise would allow us the opportunity to do all of those things for a fraction of the cost.  I LOVE to plan vacations, so I am feeling giddy right now!!!

This particular vacation will cost us more than we are used to paying, because of the airfare we'll have to pay.  But, after spending about 50 hours in the car with our 4 children, covering 2500 miles, on our trip to Yellowstone this summer, I think we are going to deserve it!!!

Back to weight loss.  I now have only about 3 lbs. to lose to get to my summer goal weight.  I am finally encouraged.


  1. And to think we were instrumental in getting you hooked on cruising....all those years ago and it's still a great memory. We're doing the Northeast coast this fall so as you can see....we're still addicted as well.

    Your Ozarks Pal

  2. Yeah 3 pounds to go! That is great!

    I am still stuck I want 5 more pounds gone... but nothing has changed. I also need to take the diet pills I always forget.

  3. You look awesome! I don't think you need to lose anything but I so know how it is! I gain it on my tummy too and it's gross gross gross. I usually can wear a 2 piece in the summer but since Christmas I too have gained about 5 extra lbs and its become a muffin top too. Not thinking I'm going to be in a 2 piece anytime soon now!!
    Darn it, cause there are some really cutes ones I've been eyeing at Target. You'd think that would give me motivation to get it off but nah...

  4. I know how you feel Nicole..Since my daughter was born, I started gaining a few pounds here and there..I actually need to drop 10 pounds to go back to my best weight and those clothes! The "skinny" jeans..UGH! I keep them in my closet with hopes to get into them someday..Congrats on your weight loss! I know it's really tough to drop those last few pounds!


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