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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Activity Extravaganza!

Today was a crazy, busy day!  But, it was so fun!

We got up this morning and went into Lowe's to do a Build and Grow Clinic.  My little two are really wanting to have birdhouses and a birdbath this year, so we just had to go to the clinic today since they were building birdhouses.  We made four, then brought them home to paint them. They turned out really cute and we plan to mount them all four to a post and put them in our backyard for birds to enjoy.  Eli didn't want to paint, of course, so I painted his.  The older kids had a great time, but Miss Brynne was so into it!  She is a perfectionist, and I hadn't noticed that before today.

Brynne, "Eli", Dawson, Kyndal

After making the birdhouses, and before coming home to paint them, we went to Centennial Park for the Lifepoint Baptist Church sponsored "egg drop".  They had fields filled with eggs, then a helicopter hovered in and dropped more. The kids were really excited about it!  There were thousands of people there .. or at least it seemed like that many!  Before the egg hunt the kids and I sat and had picnic lunch.

Then we were off to the hunt.  When they blew the whistle, Brynne and Kyndal took off.  I lost them within seconds in the sea of kids and didn't get any pictures of Brynne getting eggs.  I grabbed Eli and we ran!  Dawson tried to help us out the best he could.

Dawson had an armband to hunt eggs in the oldest category, but he decided to take Eli to the inflatables instead.  So, Kyndal "cheated" and used his band.  She scored some extra eggs.  It was hilarious to see her out there running for eggs!

After we came home and painted our birdhouses, we colored our eggs.  Each of the kids had 6 eggs to color.  Dawson did his 6, Kyndal only wanted to do 3.  Eli was in his room playing his xbox.  Again, Miss Brynne was way into it!  She finished her eggs, did Kyndal's last 3, and when I looked up she had colored 3 of Eli's.  I was, like, "Stop .. we have to let Eli color some!"  He came in, colored 2, and gave her the last one to finish.  So, in total she colored 13 of the 24 eggs.

Rick and I snuck away for an early date night with dinner at Red Robin (thanks, Ila!) and a last-minute trip to Walmart for Easter things.  He had been playing golf all day.  We actually had to go get Dawson's Easter basket things (stay tuned for what those were) and get Brynne a new cd boom box.  This girl can't do without her tunes, and her cd player stopped working yesterday. She used her Easter money from grandma and papa (thank you, from Brynne!), and I pitched in the extra.  

You should see that girl make up songs!  Last night she stood on the kitchen step stool and sang Rick and I 12 tracks to a cd she made up.  The songs had titles like ... "office", "golf", "computer", "Dora cup", "plates and bowls" and there were others but I can't remember their titles.  She sang a song with that word in it, totally made up, and did dance moves.  It was quite a deal!  Then she went into her room and started dancing to a Chipmunks song.  She jumped in the air and landed on the floor on her knees.  Rick said, "Nice move!" She said, "You didn't see that coming?"

Anyway, Kyndal had a "date" at the bowling alley with a bunch of kids from her school (and her new love interest!) and Dawson went to dinner with his little gal pal and her dad.  Rick said, "Are we really here?"  (You know, that place where our kids have real social lives with persons of the opposite sex????)  This is the place we were not prepared for! After they were delivered where they needed to be, we got the little guys ready for bed and got Easter baskets filled.

Everybody got to bed about 11 p.m. and I'm trying to update this blog because I'll have more tomorrow and I don't want to get behind.

Whew!  Are you as tired as I am?  

It was such a crazy day!  But we had a blast, and all ended up with sunburns.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow, to spending time with my family and basking in the glow of Jesus' resurrection.

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