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Monday, April 6, 2009

Photography Challenge

I didn't get this done on Saturday, for previously-stated reasons.  But here are my photos for the photo challenges:

The theme at iheartfaces this past week was "Pouting".  With Eli, I could get a pouting pic just about any day of the week.  On this particular day, he had just come in from playing in that wet, cold snow from last weekend.  

Over at the Photo Hunt, the theme was "Hands".  These are Kyndal and Dawson's hands, side-by-side.

For the 52 week challenge of getting me in a photo, here is a pic of Eli and me in the car while waiting for him to go to school.  Last week the only time I really saw my children was when I was picking them up to take them somewhere.  He had spent the morning with me at JBF.  We ran through McDonald's to get him lunch and sat in the car line at school for 30 minutes while he ate.


  1. Very sweet pic of you and Eli!

  2. This is such wonderful picture, you two are so cute.


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