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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"What I Got For the Money" Wednesday

You've seen my last post, or if you haven't you should.  Rick and I got back from Las Vegas late Sunday afternoon.  Then on Monday the weather came in.  I babysit twin girls on Mondays and Wednesdays, and with all of the kids having school, I wasn't able to go to the grocery store during the day.  I usually go on Tuesday anyway.  As a matter of fact, I plan my weekly menu on Sunday, spend all day Monday scouring websites for coupons and ad-matching, and tweak my list all day.  Then I continue doing that on Tuesday morning until I have my list right where I need it to get near my goal amount.

By noon on Monday, the ice storm had begun.  It became very clear that I was going to have to make an emergency trip to Wal-mart.  I didn't have time to do any preparations, no time to go to Aldi for some deals, no time to do anything but just throw together a list and shop as quickly as possible!  And, seriously, in Oklahoma, an ice storm could keep you in for a day or two weeks.  It is so unpredictable!!  You have to be prepared!  And we live 5 miles outside of town.

That being said, I spent a total of $125 for the week.  Although I was somewhat disappointed with that, I cut myself some slack because of all of the extenuating circumstances.  And, it made me feel encouraged about my new budget because had I not been as strict with it as I had been over the past four weeks, I would have most certainly been out of money for this emergency trip.  With a house full of family, and neighborhood friends, and no food for several days in a row (while we are all iced/snowed in), I had to stock up on some junk food ... and "just in case stuff".  For instance, I wanted to make sure we had plenty of over-the-counter meds.  It's weeks like this that someone, or many someones, come down with something.  And I like to have BRAT diet stuff on hand in case someone gets a stomach something.  I rather panic at the prospect of not being able to leave the house at all if someone should drop with an illness.

I have no picture of my groceries this week (I know that Jace will be disappointed, Berry!).  I will list what I purchased at the end.  But, keep in mind that I did not buy anything on sale or with coupons and did not ad-match, and only went to one store, and did quite a bit of impulse shopping.

With all that being said, and with us having 5 weeks this month, and with me going over goal a little bit every week, I still managed to have $30 left over this month to put in a little savings envelope.  My goal is to try to have about $150-$200 a month, on regular months.  But with all that went on this month, and with it being my first month on this new goal system, I feel pretty good about it.

And, I am more determined than ever to get down to $75 a week for the month of February!!  I can do it!

Here's the list:

5 lb. bag potatoes 2.50
Frozen burritos 2.98
Mozzarella sticks 1.25
(2) Pizza bites 2.50
(2) Pints blueberries 6.00
Bell pepper .68
(4) Avocados 2.72
1.48 lb. Roma tomatoes .72
1.97 lb. Bananas 1.32
Pop-tarts 2.98
Can chicken breast 2.08
Ketchup 1.23
Syrup 2.82
6-pk Raisins 1.13
Brownie mix .86
6-pk Toilet paper 1.27
Crispex cereal 2.92
Artificial sweetner 2.14
Hamburger helper 1.50
Egg noodles 1.54
Wheat bread 1.34
White bread 1.24
Hot dog bunS 1.00
Trashbags 2.97
Freezer bags 1.32
Spaghettios .84
Can soup 1.50
Can soup 1.50
Turkey chili 1.00
(2) Tomato soup 1.20
(2) Mac and cheese 1.48
(3) Pancake mix 1.26
Fajita seasoning .64
6 Ramen noodles .96
Laundry detergent 2.88
Apple juice 2.27
Coffee 6.00
Fudge sandwich cookies 1.88
Foam cups 1.23
Paper towels 1.00
12-ct Doritos 3.50
(2) Chocolate pudding 2.00
Tub butter .96
Shredded cheddar 2.16
Shredded parmesan 1.98
8-pk mini Hershey bars 1.18
Butter quarters .77
Bologna 1.25
Salami 1.12
Turkey bacon 2.28
Hot dogs .88
Ibuprofen .98
Gummy vitamins 4.00
(3) Index cards 2.22
TOTAL $ 110.48

BRAUM'S (I just can't buy any other milk .. so I took a chance with the icy roads)
3 Gallon milk 11.07
TOTAL $12.01


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