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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Relaxing (aka Lazy) Weekend

I haven't been this lazy in years!

On Friday night Kyndal went to babysit and after dinner we all sat around and watched t.v. until bedtime.

Yesterday I was in my jammies and robe until after noon.  The only reason I even got dressed was because I needed to take Kyndal into the movies and Dawson to buy crickets for his lizards. I did decide to stop by Walgreens and scored with 2 bottles of shampoo, 3 bottles of conditioner and a box of Electrasol dishwasher tablets (with 5 bonus), all for $6.53.  That was worth the trip!

When we got home we laid around and watched t.v. until it was time to fix dinner.  Then after dinner we watched more t.v.  We haven't done that forever!

This morning we went to church and had an awesome service.  Our Sunday school class is particularly awesome this semester.  We are studying a book called Love and Respect and it is so great.  I am personally really enjoying the material.  After we got home and ate lunch and all sat on the couch again and watched a movie together, then a dvr'd show.  The kids just went out to play and I'm updating my blog and working on this week's grocery list.  Rick went for a jog. We're heading to church in a bit because Kyndal and I have to work in the nursery and Rick is interested in hearing the guest speaker.

We'll come home and eat dinner and then start getting ready for bed.

And that's our weekend.  It seems like a waste, but after several months of non-stop activity, it was so nice.

I really need a nap, but no time now.  I guess I'll just get off my behind and go clean up the kitchen.

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