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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

I have none.

Yeah, whatever.

Actually, BRRRRR .... it's freezing today!  Last night I was in my pjs, a hoodie and robe by 6 p.m. and it was 9 p.m. before my joints warmed up.  This arthritis thing just kills me.  I felt horrible!! I'm back in that same attire this morning. But, I have to get ready in a few minutes to actually brave this freezing weather to take Brynne to school.  Eli will be none too happy to be riding along this morning!!

I saw a really neat idea that I am going to really try to do this year for my kids for their birthdays. I have plenty of time, but it will take some time.  For Kyndal, for instance, I am going to keep track this year of 15 things she does that makes me proud of her, because she'll be 15 (oh my gosh .. that about made my hyperventilate!!)  Then I'm going to write them in a cool way and put them in a frame to hang in her room.  Same thing for Dawson, except 13 things since he'll be 13 (okay ... that too was hard to type!)  Eli and Brynne won't really "get it".  So, I'm going to just do a sheet for them each year and keep it until they are older .. maybe changing the things I'm looking for each year.  Like, maybe 4 things Brynne said this year that were funny (shouldn't be hard).  Or 6 things Eli did that was sweet (again, shouldn't be hard).  That might make for a nice gift.

Yesterday, as a result of a comment I made on Facebook, someone asked me what puree'd veggies I put in our food.  Last year at Christmas I got Jessica Seinfeld's book "Deceptively Delicious".  I went crazy with it, puree'ing everything I could find, putting some kind of veggie in everything.  But, you know what, there's a thing called BALANCE!  And some of it just tasted like *rap!  So, I have now pared it down to veggies that blend well, and taste good, and here are a few of my suggestions:

1.  The squashes and zucchinis are a good choice.  I put either yellow squash or butternut squash in any kind of red sauce .. spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, etc.  Zucchini is good in cakes, cupcakes and muffins, especially if it's chocolate because you can't see the green flakes that inevitably don't get blended.

2.  I keep some puree'd onion and green pepper in the fridge in containers to add when a recipe calls for it.  My kids hate "chunks", so this eliminates that problem.  A warning, though .. don't go too liberal on the onion.  It will be really strong when it's blended throughout your dish.  I will also puree celery for the same "chunky" issue.

3.  I put puree'd sweet potatoes in the homemade whole wheat waffles I make.  It tastes sweet and the kids cannot tell it's there.  By the way, I make these every few weeks and freeze them and then just pop them in the toaster.  They are super filling and yummy and easy!!

4.  Don't use spinach or cauliflower unless you really just want to gag your family.  They are very strong flavors.  One exception, I will occasionally spread some puree'd spinach under some pizza sauce when making pizzas.  It's covered, and eaten.

5.  For me, I just have tried to look at the things my kids eat a lot of (like waffles) and figure out a way to make it the healthiest way possible.  And then I don't beat myself up if they don't get an added veggie for two weeks or more at a time sometimes.  I just do the best I can with the time and resources I can.  

Let me know if you have any questions or need further resources!!

Okay, I think that may be it for today.  If I come up with something else (which I always do) I'll post again later today.

Until then ... put on your Snuggie and STAY WARM!!! ....

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