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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"What I Got for the Money" Wednesday

This week I had $67 in cash (I thought it was $62, but I had an additional $5). I ended up doing this in several trips. I went to Walgreens on Saturday to take advantage of the sale on hair care products and dish detergent that was going to expire. Then Monday night I had some free time while Dawson was at Scouts, and didn't want to waste gas money driving all the way home, so I went to Aldi. Then yesterday I did the rest. Here's how it went:

(2) Fructis shampoo 1.98 (coupons)
(2) Fructis conditioner 1.98 (coupons)
V05 conditioner .24 (clearance)
Electrasol dishwashing tablets .99 (coupon)
Total: $6.53

(2) 1 lbs ground turkey 2.38
Can mandarin oranges .45
Can sweet potatoes .69
Artificial sweetner 1.19
Sliced swiss 2.09
5 lbs. sugar 2.11
Multi-grain waffles 1.29
(2) instant chocolate pudding .98
Baking soda .43
Bananas .88
3 lbs. apples .99
Potato chips 1.29
Corn chips .99
Gummy vitamins 3.99
Tortilla chips .99
Total $ 22.51

French loaf 2.16
Bulk goldfish crackers 5.98
Oatmeal creme pies 1.43
Carnation instant breakfast 4.58
Rice .88
(2) pop tarts 2.50 (E and B snack choice)
(2) chocolate chip cookies 5.00 (K and D snack choice)
Apple juice 2.27
(6) South Beach breakfast bars 2.00 total (coupons ~ see story below)
Bulk bag cereal 3.66
Eggs 1.00 (ad match)
Peanut butter 1.69 (ad match)
Total $ 37.82

Cover Girl pressed powder 2.19 (on clearance ~ see story below)
Total $ 2.38

Loaf whole grain bread 1.39
Total $ 1.51

Total Spent for Week $70.75 (That's $4.25 under goal, but I haven't bought milk or sliced cheese yet, which will be about $10 more. Are you getting that I am having an impossible time staying under my $75 per week goal? And I had a few extra dollars laying around that I paid for the rest of my groceries with.)

Now, lest I beat myself up for not staying under goal. I am still way under budget, and that's what really counts. Each dollar under my actual budget of $500 per month are snowflakes to add to our snowball of deleting debt, or money to go into savings for something special to reward for hard work! And, I can't imagine what I would have spent this month so far had I not given myself the $75 per week goals ... whoa! I didn't have to buy many meal items this week because of last week's freezer finds, but I did stock up on lots of snacks as you can see.

Now, about the South Beach Bars. A fellow blogger told about the South Beach website where you could get $2.00 off coupons. I was able to print a total of 4, and then found another link to print two $1.00 off coupons. Reasor's had these bars on sale for 2 for $4.00, so I spent $12.00, but had $10.00 in coupons, so I got 30 yummy high-protein breakfast bars for $2.00 total!! Good deal! Then I had gone back to Walgreens because I needed facial powder and they had many brands with B1G1 free. I'm also going to need mascara soon, so thought I would see what they had. Then I found a pack of Cover Girl pressed powder on clearance for $2.16. So I bought it instead and decided to wait on mascara.

I was thinking how I really need a sale for $1 per box cereal. As luck would have it, Reasor's has Cap'n Crunch and Life cereal on sale for $1.77 a box next week, and a deal that if you buy 5 participating Quaker products you get $3 off. So, I'm going to go and get 5 boxes of cereal for $1.17 a box .. close enough!!!

For better shoppers than me, go see Gayle at Grocery Cart Challenge.


  1. Good job with the make up find. By the time you need mascara Walgreens might come up with a free after rebate one.
    My favorite mascara came from Family Dollar for .99 on clearance. I think it's the LA Colors brand. And I normally use $$$ Lancome but, not if I can find another tube of that stuff.

  2. Just a suggestion: Walgreens also has those little booklets at the front door with tons of coupons. I know a lot of people who got the Garnier Fructis shampoos and conditioners for free. I love Walgreens!!


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