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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

My thoughts are mostly, "I am glad my kids are going back to school tomorrow so I can clean my house!!!"

Kyndal and Dawson are leaving tomorrow at about 3:30 for the weekend, and I am scrapbooking tomorrow night (for the first time in forever.)  I am looking forward to it!

One of my bloggy friends turned me on to Scrapblog that lets you digitally scrapbook your photos.  Now, many of you do this already and are great at it.  I got Photoshop Elements for Christmas two years ago and just have not had the motivation or smarts to use it.  This site basically has it all done for you, all of their backgrounds and embellishments already organized. All you do is upload your photos, pick your background, and drag and click to place your photos and embellishments.  E-A-S-Y !!  I am caught up for 2009!! :)  Of course, we've only had two events ... New Year's Eve and Sledding.  But, it feels great to get them done!  The other great thing is that you can save it as a .jpeg and print it yourself, post it on your blog or facebook, e-mail it .. whatever.  And, it's all free!!!!

I've been trying all day to post a video of Rick trying to get up our driveway in his car this morning.  No luck.

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