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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

This week has been so full of re-organizing and planning that not much else has happened!

Dawson and Kyndal had finals this week, put off because of the ice storm the end of December. I think things went well.  Grades looked pretty good .. although I'm not convinced that a full effort was given.  We'll be working on that this semester, since we don't have so much extra curricular activity to deal with.

Dawson had his second Court of Honor on Monday.  He received his Composite Materials badge, Reptile/Amphibian badge and Hale Swimming pin.

I've just been getting caught up on housework that I have been needing to do FOREVER !!  I'm talking cleaning out refrigerators, freezers, closets, dressers, toy buckets, etc.  Those things have been much overdo and I feel a great sense of accomplishment at getting it done.  And did you know that if you clean out fridges and freezers that you can find many full meals that you didn't know you had?  That's what I did .. about 7 or 8, to be exact.  I'll be using those next week since I'm wanting to really tighten up so as not to go over the $62 I have left for this half of the month. Couple that with starting back on my early-morning exercise routine, I'm kind of tired and looking forward to a day of mostly rest tomorrow.

Rick's been gone out of state the last couple of days.  And Kyndal has cheered at some games a couple of nights.  Eli's just had to get back into his schedule.  He is annoyed, however, that at pre-k they are now referring to the kids by their last names so they can learn them and spell them.  He said, "I don't want to be a last name .. I need to be E-L-I Eli."  Little Miss Brynne got back to preschool, as well, where the highlight of their day, now, is walking over to the adjoining house to feed Harry the Horse.  She brought celery to feed him today.

This weekend we have NOTHING planned and next week looks pretty much the same as this week.  Oh, how I love January!  But, then I need to start getting organized for our trip to Las Vegas on the 21st.  I haven't really even started planning that, but then again I pretty much plan to just lay around the hotel room most of the time while Rick's at his class.

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