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Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It's that day of the week again ... the day you jump up at the crack of dawn to see what enthralling meals the Taulmans will be eating this week !!!  Even if you really don't care, here they are:

Monday ~ Turkey tetrazzini (from last week's posting)

Tuesday ~ Taco salad

Wednesday ~ "Fend for Yourself", or "FFY" ~ I don't cook on Wednesdays.  
I also don't care what you eat as long as I don't have to fix it!!!  
With church, there's just no time for anything organized.

Thursday ~ Soupburgers and tater tots

Friday ~ Cheesy broccoli, rice and turkey (with leftover Christmas turkey)

Saturday ~ Chicken strips and homemade mac and cheese

Sunday ~ Pizza bread

Recipe for Soupburgers, due to popular request:  Just brown as much ground beef as you want, stir in a can of cheddar cheese soup, ketchup and onion powder to taste.  It's kindof like sloppy joes, but cheesy.  Enjoy!

For other great meal plans, visit here.

If you find you would like a recipe (for something that actually requires one), then comment and I'll get it to you.

There is something else I do, again that you may totally not care about, but I thought I would throw it out.  It has absolutely nothing to do with food, and I may have mentioned it before.  But, I hate to clean house .. HATE IT!!  So, I have a "plan" to do a little everyday so it doesn't overwhelm me:

Monday ~ Mounds of Laundry and Mop It Monday
Tuesday ~ Toilets Tuesday
Wednesday ~ Wipe it and Water Plants Wednesday (this is cleaning any surface)
Thursday ~ Tidy Up Thursday (or catch up, more like it)
Friday ~ Finish Laundry and Floors Friday


  1. You absolutely AMAZE me - - I'm still working on my laundry room/basement/don't know where it goes throw it there - - hopefully it will be coming together soon. But this meal plan thing - I've tried and tried and simply can not get it together! :::Sigh::: Another project for "us" (you...) to work on. I was determined to get back on schedule this week - but Doug isn't going to work tonight, so I feel I may be completely thrown off :( But I'm going to attempt to keep myself and these babies on some sort of a schedule! :) Love ya girl!

  2. what are soup burgers?? can you post a link or the recipe!

  3. I have added the recipe to the post. But, here it is again ... just brown as much ground beef as you need (kindof like making sloppy joes), then add a can of cheddar cheese soup, and ketchup and onion powder to taste. Heat through. Easy and good!


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