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Friday, December 5, 2008

Remember the Hurting

There are trees to decorate, gifts to buy, parties to attend ...

There is so much busyness during this season!  But let us not forget those around us who are hurting, really hurting.  I can think specifically of two young mamas who lost babies in the past 2 months, one just before she was due to be born and one to SIDS when she was 4 months old. I can think of at least two marriages, in my immediate group of friends, that are teetering on the edge of defeat.  I can think of at least two people who have spouses with life-threatening illnesses that have debilitated them to the point of complete reclusion.  And the spouses and children of those two are suffering, badly!

Let us just not forget that decorations are a pain to put up, and a bigger pain to take down ... that gifts are given and received and forgotten ... that parties are, well, whatever they are to you ...

Just please take time during this season to pray for those around you that have serious issues going on in their lives, and be sure that you are being grateful for the good times you may be having.  And when you're giving, don't forget to give to what counts.

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  1. Well said, old friend! There's so many in need right now....a prayer, along with a helping hand can make all the difference. How anyone can ignore that, is beyond this feeble old mind.

    Ozarks Bud


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