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Monday, December 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I've joined a group of bloggers that post their meals on Mondays ... thus "Menu Plan Monday". For those of you who are dying to know my weekly menu plans (NOT!), here they are. May they be an inspiration to your culinary planning ...

MONDAY .. frozen lasagna and "Olive Garden" breadsticks (It's Eli's birthday and he loves this!)
TUESDAY .. crock pot chicken
WEDNESDAY .. Feliz Navidad! It's our annual Mexican Christmas Eve Dinner with Rick's family
THURSDAY .. For breakfast, bisquits and gravy and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. For dinner, the FULL turkey dinner!
FRIDAY - SUNDAY .. We're heading to mom and dad's, so whatever they'll feed us!!!

Just know, this week was already planned a couple of weeks ago, before I decided to become a frugal mom again.  So, I am excited to see what January holds in the way of menus on my new self-inflicted, drastically-reduced grocery budget.


  1. Oh I'm jealous - we don't have any real traditions. . . however!!! I am creating some this year - - I want Mexican on Christmas Eve - - can you overnight me some?!

  2. What do you serve at your Mexican Christmas dinner?
    Sounds delicious.


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