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Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like Christmas!

I DID IT!! I got my Christmas decorations up! (I only have to put together the kids' little trees for their rooms). The house looks great! I always enjoy it so much when it's done! And now I'm excited for the Christmas season. Yesterday the weather was BEAUTIFUL! I know God created that day just for me, because I'd be outside hanging garland and bows and such. Rick put out our mechanical deer that I insisted on last year. As soon as they were operational, Brynne ran to the garage to get her gun. She needed to shoot the deer. I guess I can be thankful that she won't have any trouble fulfilling the task of the Proverbs 31 woman who "brings her food from afar." She'll just go out and shoot dinner. To hear the video you'll need to go down to my Playlist and pause it, or you'll hear my music over her talking.

In the video she tells the deer, "This is my island!" She is referring to the "island" in the middle of the rock creek that runs down our property. The creek is "Eli's Creek" and the island is "Brynne's Island."

She actually did this little routine without knowing I was watching her. I was just taking pictures. When she realized I had taken pictures, she wanted to "hear it". She thought I was videoing. So, she recreated the scenario for me to tape it. At the end she says, "I'm ready" because she didn't know I was already recording.

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  1. Thank you for your comment........

    I laughed so hard at your daughter trying to shoot the mechanical gotta love living in the South!!

    We are still working with our son and very unsure of the next step. Lots of prayer and tears and love surrounding that little boy!


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