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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ??

Well, I know it's Wednesday, and not Monday, but with the holidays and New Year, I'm just now needing to go to the store and plan meals. Today's post will "showcase" my meal plan for tonight through next Monday .. then we'll get back on track!

Wednesday ~ Chips and salsa/queso

Thursday ~ Chili, chili dogs, frito chili pie

Friday ~ leftovers (and lots of em!!)

Saturday ~ hamburger helper (it's on sale and it's Saturday!!)

Sunday ~ soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Monday ~ turkey tetrazinni from leftover Christmas turkey

I didn't say my meals this week would be exciting ... but here they are!!

I'm going to the store today for my first attempt at a weekly grocery budget of $75 per week, instead of $125.  I need to remember to factor in milk in that number!  One way to help with "snack" costs, is that I have let each of the kids pick one snack to eat that week, that has to last them the whole week.  But, it's only theirs and they don't have to share.  I'll buy a large box of goldfish and fresh fruit to supplement.  Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I'll be blogging about my grocery trip .. stay tuned!!

For other great meal plans, visit here.

If you find you would like a recipe (for something that actually requires one), then comment and I'll get it to you.


  1. You can pass on your tetrazini recipe to me!! I am so excited about you doing this!! Can't wait to see the grocery results! This is really helping motivate me!

  2. You can now click on the tetrazinni name and it will link you to the recipe. I just substituted the chicken for turkey. I also just use regular 2% velveeta and add a 1/2 can drained rotel instead of using Mexican velveeta.


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