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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Last night we got to meet up with our former childrens' pastors, Daniel and Lori Smith, and their kids at Incredible Pizza in Tulsa.  It was so nice to see them .. we miss them so badly! Dawson was thrilled to get to see Pastor Daniel.  He's never recovered from him leaving us! We had a good time playing games and hanging out with some families from church:  The Highfields, Caruths, Pipkins, Blakesleys and the Hughes family.  The kids had a blast and it was just good to see Daniel and Lori looking so good.  

This morning Kyndal, Dawson and I, and many others, worked at the Angel Tree distribution that our church sponsored.  That is such a neat event and the blessings we receive from giving to those families cannot be measured!  It even managed to put me in the Christmas spirit!  

When I got home Rick had brought the tree down from the storage room and it was twinkling and pretty. We pulled in the tubs of decorations and I cranked up a Christmas station on XM. Rick went outside to finish the Christmas lights and I started putting up decorations.  I still have garland to hang up the stairs and garland and bows to hang outside.  But, for the most part, I'm done.  Our house looks great so far!  I always love the way it looks when we're done, I just dread getting started!

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