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Monday, December 15, 2008

Great Weekend!

Being a "blended" family, we certainly have our struggles.  Of course, all families have them! Sometimes weekends are tough because we are all crammed in one place with our competing personalities and things don't always go the way I would like.

But this weekend has to be one of the greatest weekends we have every spent as a family! Things have been so great with us for a long time, but this weekend I was really able to just sit back and look at what lots of hard work and lots of prayer causes to happen!

Like I said earlier, we went to The Christmas Train on Thursday night and just had such a great time!  Then on Friday evening we just hung out at home, while Kyndal babysat.  We skipped a Christmas party to get ready for Eli's birthday party on Saturday.  Rick helped me get prepared and I made the brownies, decorated the table, set up the games, made the pinata.  It was fun! Rick and Dawson ran into town for a bit and, from what I hear, looked at every pet at the pet store before coming home!

On Saturday we had the time of our lives watching Eli enjoy is birthday party!  Everybody had a good time!  We came home and just spent the rest of the day and evening together.  Rick decided to take Kyndal to the movies and shopping, so they were gone for a few hours.  Me and the little guys, and Dawson, just hung out at home.  

Then yesterday we had a great morning at church.  Kyndal and I went grocery shopping, baked some Christmas goodies and worked in the nursery at church last night.  Then after everybody went to bed, Rick, Kyndal and I watched the finale of Survivor.

I know it doesn't sound that exciting to most, but to us it was a priceless weekend .. a nice prelude to the holidays!  I have such a hope and joy at the coming of Christmas!!!

Brynne, on the other hand, was just worn out!!
 She fell asleep still in her towel after her bath before we could get her dressed!

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