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Monday, June 16, 2008

This has been a busy weekend for us!  Rick's 38th birthday was Saturday; Father's Day was yesterday; and today is Rick and my 7th wedding anniversary.  We were still at mom and dad's for Father's Day and Rick and the kids spend some time swimming.  They had a really great time!  But when we got home poor daddy had to mow our yard that hadn't been touched in 10 days.  Ouch!  I did DVR the US Open, though, so he finished his day watching Tiger do what Tiger does ... wow us all!

We woke in the night to storms!  And it has rained continuously since then (and looks like it will for most of the week!)  Brynne got up and looked outside and said, "It's rainy and COLD!"  She disappeared and then reappeared with her rainboots, snow jacket, gloves and snow hat to wear outside.  So, no, this picture was not taken in December.  It was taken on June 16th.  Notice she forgot her pants!!

Again, hopefully I will have time to give Bermuda info sometime today.  We'll see.  But, I have tons of housework to do to get caught up.  It may be later this week before I get around to it.  Have a great day!!!!

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