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Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Bermuda

Let me get back to Bermuda.  We were in Bermuda for the better part of a day and a half. You know me, I had done TONS of research before we left. So, I had figured out what I wanted us to get done in that time frame.  We got off the ship, which was docked at the Royal Navy Dockyard in King's Wharf.  It was a really cool view with forts and stuff.  We had purchased unlimited 2-day bus and ferry passes.  So, we jumped right in the deep end and got on the bus. In Bermuda, that's the transportation that everybody uses, unless they are on a scooter (more on that later.)  The bus system is great, but crazy!  There are little poles every 1/2 to one mile or so, and they are literally in the middle of the most dangerous streets sometimes.  We kindof knew where we were headed, but there really aren't many signs or anything.  So, with our map we decided to get off at a certain point.  We wanted to go to Gibb's Hill Lighthouse. We got of the bus and could see the lighthouse a few blocks to our right.  But the road up to it was curvy and treacherous and since we wanted to live to see the rest of Bermuda we decide to take a more visible road.  About 15 miles later, ALL UPHILL, we finally arrived at the base.  I should scan the map and show you the tiny route straight to the lighthouse we decided not to take versus the curvy, uphill, LONG route we did take!  But, the road less travelled ... !!  We saw some beautiful sights we would have missed otherwise!  And it definitely got our feet wet so that all other bus rides and walking commutes were a snap! 

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  1. If you've been to Bermuda, reading your excerpt will put you there. Great job and it was nice to be back there again!



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