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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

doing the right thing

Here in Owasso we have a summer movie program at our movie theatre where they play 8 family movies, that are now on video, for $10 total.  It's all moms and kids so it's easy to take even your rambunctious little ones.  It's also a nice break in the day, once a week.  We went to see Charlotte's Web yesterday.  We all know that it's a movie about doing all you can for someone else, to form a lasting relationship.  It's very touching, and very good!  Last night, as we were turning in for the night, we had the pleasure of showing Eli and Brynne a real spider weaving her web in the corner of our garage.  They were fascinated!  Kyndal said she would never kill a spider again ... at least a cool one spinning a web.

You know, forgiveness is a hard thing.  I tend to have a very rebellious spirit.  I don't like to be told what to do.  And, when told, I typically will "refuse" in my spirit.  I do this with God too.  He'll be calling me to do something and I'll be defiant!  He normally doesn't outright punish me, but He lets the natural consequences of my actions take care of it.  And that's not pleasant.  But calling on someone, admitting your anger toward them, forgiving them, and releasing them (and yourself) from further burden, is one of the most humble actions to take. This being true, especially, since most of us would call the other person out for what a horrible person they are, and lay out the list of things they have done to offend you.  But yesterday someone taught me a continued lesson that holding onto anger does no one any good and releasing it and openly forgiving someone opens back up the line between you and God so that He can flow continued blessings on you, and it's just the right thing to do.  You do whatever it takes for another person, to form a lasting relationship.

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