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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rain, rain go away!!

Yuck ... another rainy day!  At least it didn't storm loudly all night (or I slept so good I didn't hear it!)  Nothing is fun on a rainy day!  All of my flowers are waterlogged and we feel that way too every time we go out!  And it's almost chilly ... I even wore jeans yesterday!  I guess I shouldn't complain, though.  Before we know it, it will be 100* and miserable!
It's amazing how quickly real life comes back to you after you've been on a luxuriously relaxing vacation.  Sure, I do a lot physically during the day.  But, I think it's more "mind use" that gets me exhausted!  My life involves so much PLANNING!  Most of it I enjoy (planning upcoming birthday parties, vacations, class reunions, fun days with the kids ... I even plan things out a year in advance sometime so I can be looking for good deals on stuff).  But then there's the planning that just overtakes every moment of my day:  Kyndal has cheer camp this week (make arrangements for delivery/pickup); Dawson leaves for a week of boy scout camp next week (lots to do to get him ready for that); Need groceries (that's a two day planned event); Rick has a business trip; I want to get together with some friends, etc.  I'm making lists in spirals, making notes on index cards, packing a bag everyday just to go to town with all of the errands I need to run.  There is no time for rest!
I was just interrupted by Kyndal's phone call from cheer camp ... they won't let her participate until I come into town and sign a form, a form they were supposed to send home with them during school.  This is the kind of stuff that stresses out my day!  Brynne is still asleep, Eli is in his pjs.  I need to go to the store today, so I don't want to have to drag them into town, then back home, then back to town to shop, then back home, then back to town to pick her up later.  This kind of stuff makes me so mad!!!  Why can't people get their acts together????  It really makes me made when I pay ungodly amounts of money for my kid to participate in something (that's ridiculous anyway) and then it's completely unorganized!  
Anyway, now I'm angry, and it's just now 9 a.m.
Wish I was in Bermuda ....

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  1. Sounds like it's time for Calgon to take you away.....

    Springfield Pal


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