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Friday, June 20, 2008

Cruise Life

There are so many things that I love about a cruise.  I love that the food is provided for you and it's free (or prepaid anyway).  There is no planning, reading reviews of restaurants, travel to and from, etc.  It's provided and yummy.  On this trip I loved that we had just the right balance of activities.  We slept just enough, we relaxed just enough, we saw just enough shows and we partied just enough (which to us is minimal because we aren't big partiers.)  But what I enjoyed most about this trip was that Rick and I were just two people, in love, enjoying each other's company.  We are extremely compatible.  And I think we had forgotten that.  We had forgotten that we have fun together!  Rick was pretty much the same on this trip.  I was the one who was so different.  Not really different, but the "me" who doesn't have four kids and other responsibilities.  I like this me and I wish I could see her more, or at least incorporate her into regular life more.  Rick told me he gained a new understanding of me.  I think he was shocked to see how I am with a very busy life versus how I am with nothing really to do.  You know, he tells me all the time how hot I am as a woman, and I just brush him off.  I truly don't feel too sexy when I have wiped poopy bottoms, cleaned up umpteen messes, done laundry and been mauled to death all day long.  But I felt sexy, and hot, and it was so nice to respond to those feelings.  (I know Rick appreciated it!)  I say all this not to gag anybody, but to say that if your husband tells you that you are hot or sexy, say "thank you!"  And give back to your husband ... he shouldn't only get to see the real you once every five years or so when you go on vacation. No, my life is not a cruise, but it's not too shabby either.  Allow your husband to catch a glimpse of "(insert your name), the wife", as often as possible.  My husband deserves to see me enjoying my life, and my kids deserve to see me happy and laughing.  This is the day the Lord has made ... let us REJOICE and BE GLAD in it!  No matter what the day is or looks like.  And I know this, but it became clear to me again, that Rick's mood is usually dependent on mine.  If I am irritable and crabby, he will likely be that way too.  If I am happy and jovial, he will fall in line with that as well.  If I have been a crab all day, the kids need someone to save them at the end of the day.  So, I really do need to adjust my mood when Rick is coming home so they get that comic relief instead of someone who feels like he needs to jump to my defense to rescue me. Anyway, Rick and I just so thoroughly enjoyed each other that we are already planning our next vacation, next summer, to San Francisco and Napa Valley.  And after reading the previous blog you will see why we will likely be flying for free.

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