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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cozy Coupe

I don't know about you, but my kids are like most, I think.  We have many toys that we thought would be a hit that haven't been played with at all.  But there are two big toys that have been played with to death.  The first one is the Playskool talking house.  It is really sturdy and stands up.  One side looks like the inside of a house and the other side looks like an outside front stoop.  It has a swinging door they can crawl through, windows that open, doorbells that ring, lights that turn on and off.  And it talks and plays music.  It's very educational and fun! We got it for Eli when he was a baby and him and Brynne still play with it.  The other one is the Cozy Coupe car and truck that are in the picture.  I bought them at the last JBF sale for $40 for the pair. They ride them EVERY day!  Brynne has ridden them in the rain, with no panties on, in the dark, you name it!  Eli is kindof big for it, but he still rides it everyday too! Well worth the money ... I highly recommend them!  They have provided hours of entertainment!  And check out the thing Brynne is holding.  It's a popcicle/ice cream cone holder.  I bought it at Hobby Lobby.  It catches drips and allows them to put their frozen treat down without getting them dirty ... BRILLIANT!!

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