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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

God bless my husband!  Interruptions in my scheduled day really throw me off and make me mad.  That's probably one of my biggest shortcomings.  Rick is much more flexible, which is probably why Kyndal got off the phone with me about the cheerleading thing (when I told her I could try to be there by noon ...) and called Rick for help.  He immediately offered to drive into Owasso to sign the form.  But, she just wanted to fax it to him for his signature.  He received the fax, called me for insurance information and such, and faxed it back to her.  He's a problem solver. And I am so blessed to have him.
Eli is really into Kung Fu Panda for some reason.  He hasn't even seen the movie, but he has been instantly attracted to it.  In his Happy Meal he got the karate cat, and was very sad that it wasn't the panda.  So yesterday I took the two little guys to town to grocery shop.  Usually I have the older two to help me, but they were both busy.  This was one of my first times to do a full shopping with them by myself.  (I am so blessed to have the helpers I have!)  But they were so good!  Eli walked alongside us with no problems.  Brynne just rode along.  But he found Kung Fu Panda cereal, that he had to have!  He carried that box around like it was a treasure.  I also planned to take them to McDonald's for lunch so they could get the panda.  He was very excited about that!  He's played with his new toys almost continuously.  McDonald's was a nightmare (there were two vans full of older daycare kids and they were WILD ... does that bother anybody else?)  Luckily they were leaving about the time we were finishing our lunch, so they got to play in peace.  Then I splurged and bought Eli (and Dawson, since he'll be the one showing him how to play them) the Kung Fu Panda game for our Playstation 2 and two used xbox games for our system that Eli plays in his room.  He is a HUGE xbox player.  We bought Finding Nemo and Spiderman.  That's what the boys are doing right now.  That's good for a rainy day.  But isn't it funny how kids get into something they know nothing about?  Good marketing, I guess.  We are going to take the kids to see the movie this weekend.
Otherwise, it's going to be ANOTHER rainy day today.  No Wednesday swimming (sniff, sniff) and no trip to the zoo (which was my alternate plan if it was cloudy today).  We're stuck inside.
You know, it didn't rain once in Bermuda ...

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