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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Woweee .... Oweeee !!

I'm past the three day hump now, which I was told would be a milestone. And it is. For the first time since Wednesday I am off all of my painkillers except just ibuprofen and I'm still taking an antibiotic.

Let me recap ...

Rick and I arrived at the Surgeon's office at 6:40 Wednesday morning.  We talked with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist and then they took me into the operating room.  They put in an IV and then started the general. They told me to take four deep breaths. Then I woke up in recovery. That is the weirdest feeling ever! I was fully dressed and everybody was staring at me.

I guess it took me longer than normal to come out of anesthesia and my blood pressure was really low and they couldn't get it up, so I was in recovery longer than normal. They finally let me go. The ride home was HORRIBLE! Every bounce or turn was torture! Rick got me home and somehow into our super-elevated king sized bed. The pain was definitely more than I bargained for. I slept decent on Wednesday night, although Rick had to set an alarm to wake me up to give me pain medications and help me go to the restroom. Getting in and out of the bed was definitely the worst part.

Then on Thursday I started throwing up. Try to imagine that. Imagine which muscles you contract when you vomit. Oh my!!

Yesterday I felt a tad better. I was able to get in and out of bed a few times by myself (although it was extremely painful) and was up in the chair in the living room most of the day. My bestie Steph spent the day with me so Rick could go to work. Last night I slept pretty good, although I woke up every hour for no reason. Maybe I was just tired of sleeping.

This morning I feel pretty good. My back kills me when I sleep because I can't sleep on my side yet. So I got up early this morning and came to sleep upright in the chair in the living room. But I believe I'm completely off the pain meds today and I can move around pretty good. So, things are good.

So for the good stuff .. they look awesome! My surgeon did a great job! Was it worth the pain? I would say yes, as of right now. My family and friends were a great help and now I'm ready to get back to living!


  1. SO glad you are off the drugs! The twins look great...:) BTW...tell Kyndal I thought that was you...I about died...she will know what you are talking about...Rick is a very brave...or crazy...stepdad!!!
    I am so glad you are feeling better! Praying for ya!
    LOVE YOU!! Call if you need anything!

  2. Hey Girl - I'm glad you blogged! I've been thinking a lot about you. I can not image throwing up after what you had already gone through, good lord. I'm glad you're happy with the results. Talk to you soon!
    <3 ya!

  3. so glad your are feeling better and off the pain meds! hope you have a great sunday!

    are you guys getting the flooding rains thru tuesday? we are suppose to get 6 inches! not fun!

  4. So glad you feeling better! Hopefully it will get better each day.

  5. glad all is well, been thinking about you....and!?!?!


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