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Friday, June 5, 2009

My Girl

Last weekend while we were in Missouri, we noticed a field of wildflowers down the highway from my parents' house. We decided to stop and take pictures of our aspiring model. We could have taken pictures forever, had it not been for the approaching dogs who were one property over.

~ I love to photograph her ~

Take time this weekend to stop and smell the flowers!

We're headed back to Liberty tomorrow to look at a cool Colonial house built in 1880 that we want to buy. This trip we're just driving straight there tomorrow with three of the four kiddos, staying in a hotel with a pool, and coming home on Sunday.


  1. What beautiful photos! You are an excellent photographer and your daughter is a beautiful girl. Have a great weekend. Drive safely!

  2. She is beautiful just like her mama!

  3. Wow, she's gorgeous!! She looks just like you, especially in the first 2 pics.

  4. Hey - hope you have a great weekend. This just inspired me to take some pictures of Peyton this weekend. I noticed the other day I have tons of the boys and very few of her. Thanks!

  5. Seems like only yesterday that we were tucking her in while you were at the hospital having Dawson. She's gorgeous and I'm guessing would look really pretty in a red coat!

    Ozarks Pal


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