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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Must Print a Retraction

After hours of tense interrogation and a polygraph, the truth has come out! Brynne broke the coffee pot!

Last night, after her and Kyndal went upstairs for the night, Kyndal continued the questioning and they came down for the confession. Apparently Brynne got the small bathroom stool, which wasn't tall enough, so got the three step stool. She climbed it and started to pour Eli a cup of coffee into his sippy cup. She splashed hot coffee onto her thumb and dropped the coffee pot. It shattered. She ran.

The interrogations lasted for 12 hours, but the suspect finally broke!

You know how you look into the eyes of your children and think, "Which one of you is going to be the one?" I think we have our answer.

We have apologized to Eli for accusing him of this crime. 

Rick and I are avid watchers of "Lie to Me". If you haven't seen it, you should! After this experience we determined that we could have known the truth simply by watching their facial expressions. And, he stuck to his story to the letter. Hers began to change almost immediately. On that note, here's a parenting tip: Ask your child to tell you what happened in order. Then have them tell it to you backwards. Liars do not rehearse their story backward and can't put it in order! (We learned that on that show!)

Here's to a better day!


  1. Poor precious Brynne...that little thing was just scared to confess. Glad big sis was able to help her with confessing.
    That is the cutest story I've heard in a long day. Hope yall have a better day today!!

  2. Poor Brynne! I bet she was so scared of getting in trouble...I can just picture mine in that situation! LOL!

  3. The 12 hour interrogation is pretty funny. We, too, are Lie To Me fans. Thanks for the reminder of having them tell the story backwards. I'm glad neither of the kids were seriously hurt.
    ~Keri Cochran

  4. Do you little ones actually drink coffee?

  5. In response to the question about whether my children drink coffee, here is my response. I am proud to say that my 12 year old son follows in my footsteps and starts his day off with a cup of Joe. My 5 and 3 year olds sortof drink coffee. It's your typical small splash of coffee mixed with sugar and milk. I expect them to drink it full out when they are older. You're either born a coffee drinker or you're not! :)

  6. Nicole - you crack me up... AGAIN!

    Doug LOVES Lie To Me - I rarely watch it, it's just not appealing to me. But he uses the same "tactics" he's seen on the show. No matter where we are he'll say "Did you see that.. she looked to the left- - LIAR!!!!!"

    And more and more parents are "allowing" their children to drink coffee - I was a bit shocked- I just didn't think children drank coffee. . . however, I did when I was young with my grandparents. I start almost every day off with Pepsi (horrible!) and Grant can not even function until he has a full sippy of chocolate milk.

    Poor Brynne - Let me remind you - anytime you want to ship her off - sent her straight to Atlanta, I'll be there to get her! ;)


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