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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

I'd first like to thank everybody for their advice about my son and the rattlesnake incident. The general consensus is that the report idea is a great one, but because "boys will be boys" that I am being too harsh by taking away everything he holds dear until he gets the report(s) done. I know that he knows the dangers of snakes .. I'm more concerned with his lack of discipline especially when he is on a camping trip with an organization that's backbone is teaching it's boys leadership and self-discipline/control. Guess he needs Boy Scouts more than he thought he did.  THANK YOU so much for your advice! I will take it all and put it to good use! (He will thank you for keeping me in check, too.)

Now on to ...

For Today  ~  June 23, 2009

Outside my window... IT. IS. HOT (again)!!!

I am thinking... that I have been so lazy this summer, which is totally not like me, and I don't care!!

I am thankful for... the relationship that Rick and I have and how we are able to talk through anything, and how I always feel better and safer when we have talked through it.

From the learning rooms... we have learned that you should not trap a rattlesnake when you are at camp, or anywhere else for that matter! We are also hitting the library weekly. Kyndal is receiving some Algebra tutoring a couple times a month this summer.

From the kitchen... it is quiet as the girls are next door babysitting and Eli is still asleep.

I am wearing... my p.j.s

I am creating... some lists for our vacation to Yellowstone.

I am praying ... for my MIL and my friend's dad who are both receiving chemo right now.

I am going... to enjoy the peace and quiet of my morning for a bit longer.

I am reading... "Secrets" by Jude Deveraux.

I am hoping... that Rick and I receive some peace about the direction God is leading us and that we are able to hear His call when He gives it.

I am hearing... birds chirping outside.

Around the house... are running sprinklers and a new mama bird and her babies in the nest on our back porch (this is the second set of babies we've had up there this year).

One of my favorite things... is Brynne's long, beautiful blonde hair. But, we are going to cut it much shorter next week. It will be sad, and will likely change her whole appearance. But, it's so hot and sticky. When it's down it get stuck under her armpits when she sweats and it's driving her, and me crazy. It doesn't help that she got a wad of gum stuck in it yesterday and I had to cut a chunk out of the underneath of her hair. It's time ... I can't believe it, but it's time ...

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today the kids and I are heading over to Steph's to go swimming. Tomorrow I am cleaning the house because we have another Open House on Thursday evening. On Thursday I am starting my new summer Bible study (yea!), going to the doctor and then spending the afternoon/evening at Steph's working on plans for our vacation! On Friday the kids and I are going to Big Splash. Dawson gets home on Saturday from Scout Camp, so I'll be doing lots of disgusting laundry. After church on Sunday we are all going to Big Splash (even daddy) while we have yet another Open House. Kyndal has a church camp celebration party that evening, and then we're heading to Missouri for the week on Monday. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing..

Sisters ...

I'm not sure who adores who more.
There are 11 years difference between these two, but they hang out like a couple of BFFs.
Kyndal babysits next door this summer, and Brynne is right along with her every time.
Brynne has been sleeping with Kyndal in her bed this summer, and you should hear the two of them in there talking and giggling.
Kyndal takes Brynne to the movies, and with her to baseball games with her friends.
Brynne doesn't understand when Kyndal goes to do something alone, why she can't go.
I am eternally grateful for their relationship.
My sister and I were in our 30's before we became close, or even liked each other for that matter, so it means so much to me for my two girls to not only love each other as sisters, but treat each other as friends.
Thank you, Kyndal, for making your baby sister feel so special!


  1. Hey what bible study are you starting?!

    And I loooove that picture of the girls! :::sigh::: makes me want one so much more!

  2. have a great week and next week!
    love that picture and poem!


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