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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Days, Bad Days

My sweet husband kissed me good-bye this morning, while I was still snuggled in bed, and said, "Have a good day!" I smiled and said, "I will .. you too!" And I believed it to be true. So when exactly did it turn into a bad day? ... before I actually got out of bed, when the first obstacle of the day occurred, or was it just meant to be a bad day?

I was told by the nursing staff that I might experience a post-surgery phenomenon that would be unpleasant. (As transparent as I am, I seriously will spare you the details.) I don't know if I forgot about it or underestimated it or what. But, it occurred this morning.

I got up and put on a pot of coffee, checked e-mails and my blogs, drank 3/4 of a cup of coffee and then it started to occur. Eli, my 5 year old came in and asked for a cup of coffee and I fixed him his concoction in a stainless steel travel mug like I always do. A few minutes later he came to me, in the room where I was beginning to experience sickness, and handed me his sippy cup. I took the lid off and asked him to get his own drink and bring it back to me to put the lid on. Then I commenced to get seriously sick. A few minutes later I heard a crash, but no crying or anything of the sort. I yelled, "What happened?" but not response. The older kids were asleep upstairs and couldn't hear me from where I was. And I was not in a position to go check on things. I listened, and waited, and finally decided I had to check on them. I braced myself and went to the kitchen. I found two stools up to the counter, a broken coffee pot and coffee everywhere. The only thing missing were the children who were hiding in the bedroom. I yelled to Kyndal to please come downstairs and hurry! I told her I was really sick and to just keep them away from the kitchen.

An hour later, when I was feeling a tad better I went back in. Apparently Eli did not know that I had fixed him his coffee and thought I wanted him to get his own when I handed him his cup, although I have never, ever suggested such a thing or given them anything coffee related in a sippy cup. Anyway, although I could not get them either one to admit to what really happened, I put the clues together and deduced that Eli was on the taller stool, Brynne was on the little bathroom stool. He pulled the coffee pot out, it hit the counter because it was heavy and broke, and Brynne's thumb was burned by the coffee (although you can't even see a mark). 

This all happened in the first hour of being awake.

And I just don't feel good today. Why? Because I did way more yesterday than I was supposed to do and am suffering today. I hate to sit still!!! I have enlisted the help of the older kids with housework, and I'm trying to let them do it. But I hate not feeling well enough to do anything, or worse feeling okay but knowing I can't or I'll hurt myself. It actually depresses me. I don't feel like e-mailing, or blogging, or talking or anything. Yesterday was our anniversary and it occurred to me when we went to bed that I didn't get one picture of us on our anniversary. That didn't help my mood.

I so need to go grocery shopping this afternoon, but honestly, I'm just not going to. I just don't feel like it. I'm sitting in bed, typing this post, with no ability to get up and do anything. I hear Eli and Brynne arguing in the living room and I just hope it doesn't end up physical. I don't have the energy to go in there and creatively help them deal with their conflict.

It's a bad day.


  1. I hate days like that.

    I had one Monday. Got all the kids up. Hurriedly made sack lunchs and began our thirty minute drive to the water park. On the way there a wasp flew into the open widow of my car and stung my thigh (he must have been beakened in by how glaringly white they are). I commenced to flick him off and spilled half a route 44 sweet tea all over me and the seat and the floor broad. I then had to find somewhere to pull over and remove said wasp before he could sting me again. I finally got to the water park and it wasn't even open.

    I hope your day gets better. Watch a funny movie.

  2. Call me next time! I will come make you happy!!! Or just show up at mine...I love you my friend!


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