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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Down Again

Looks like I am taking another unscheduled hiatus from internet usage.  This time it may be for a while!

Out of the blue, our modem went down at home.  As it's no longer under warranty, AT&T "can't help us."  Because of some imminent changes, we don't know if it's worth it to get another modem at this time.

So, looks like all internet usage by me will be happening only when I can scam some free WI-FI from someone.

You want to know something?  This is not by accident.  God needs me to just trust Him, let Him do His plan His way, without all my information seeking and planning of my own. So, I'm not going to fight this.  I am just taking this as an answer to prayer that God is working mightily in a situation I can't control anyway.

I'll try to touch base when I can.  Just know that all is good at the Taulman residence.  Some exciting things are happening and we are thrilled!

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