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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


At Christmas I copied a shirt I saw at An Affair of the Heart.

For Brynne's birthday party on Saturday, she had a cooking/baking party and the colors were pink and zebra print.

Remembering that I had some leftover zebra fabric, and she had a pink t-shirt that was going to be too small next summer, I made her a "5" shirt for her party.

Basically I just free-handed a 5 on cardstock, cut it out, traced it backwards on the back of the fabric, cut it out and used Aleene's Okay to Wash-It to attach it to the shirt (love that stuff since I don't sew!). I took a couple of coordinating ribbons, tied them in a bow and safety pinned it to the top of the five. She had already had the zebra hair bow and corker bow, so she wore it combined with her shirt.

Easy, didn't cost a dime and looked so cute at her party!

Go here to see all the party details!


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