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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meal Schedule Continued

Now that I have my meal planning acronyms set, it's time to start planning meals!

Yesterday I planned the next two weeks. I must say, having a guideline to follow sure made it easier! But, I still found myself spending too much time thinking of meals.

How often do you see a recipe on another blog and think, "I'd like to fix that!" And, maybe you even Bookmark ("Favorites" for Microsoft users) it. But then it gets sucked into the thousands of Bookmarks you already have and then you never get to it, or even find it.

To solve this problem, I created new Bookmark folders with the titles of my day-of-the-week meal planning acronyms {did that make sense?}. For instance, I now have folders entitled "Mexican Monday" Recipes and "The Favorites Thursday" Recipes. When I see a recipe I like I decide which category it would fall under and immediately Bookmark it into that folder. So when I go to plan meals I can pull up that folder and choose some new recipes.

I've already got a couple in there I can't wait to fix!

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