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Saturday, September 4, 2010

'Tis the Sneezin'

It felt like Fall yesterday. Beautiful temperatures, the first home high school football game and this ....

Yep ... we got t.p.'d! Rick said it must have been done by a bunch of girls though because they almost decorated our trees and bushes with it and it wasn't more than 10 feet off the ground. My thought was that I could have really used that toilet paper this week to wipe all of the snotty noses in my house.

Because, yes, it's also cold and sinus season. And we had our first bout of it this week.

So that brings me to the topic I think I raise every single year, but it's worth repeating. What do you do to help ward off sickness in your house?

Our Eli has a weak immune system, especially with upper respiratory infections. For many years he has gotten pneumonia more than once and he's the one most likely to get the flu. I take many measures to keep him healthy so that he misses minimal school.

1. Vitamins. Very important! We take them all year round, but especially during this season. I just use a gummy mulit-vitamin for the kids and I take the cheap Wal-mart brand of woman's multi-vitamin. I also take extra calcium for my bones.

2. Immune Boosters. For the past few years I have religiously given my little two an extra gummy vitamin called 'Lil Critters Immune C. I swear by it! I think, and my doctor agrees, that the zinc in that vitamin is what has kept Eli pneumonia-free the last two winters. I cannot recommend it enough and should get paid to endorse this product.

3. Humidifiers. We run humidifiers in the kids' rooms during this entire fall and winter season to keep the air moist.

4. Green Tea. Brynne won't drink it, but Eli and I definitely do! We each drink a cup of it every evening. Green Tea has proven to have immune boosting qualities. And, I just love it's soothing feel.

5. Sleep. Everybody here gets their sleep. It's so important to stay healthy!

6. Healthy Eating. I would never claim that we are the best at it, but I really do try to make sure my kiddos eat as healthy as possible.

What do you do to try to stay illness-free in your home?


  1. oh man that stinks, we got tp'd on fathers day years ago :) needless to say andy was not happy.

    hey does Brynne want 2 more justin bieber shirts? syd is done with him even took all his posters of her wall :) yea so excited the beiber fever has stopped. Course it was replaced with Big Time Rush Fever and Beck from Victorious Fever :)

  2. forgot to type how are you feeling?

    as for keeping them healthy some years just seem better then others. oldest is very healthy and youngest had a rough winter but so far has been able to knock her spring and summer colds so knock on wood she built up her immunity.

    we just do vitamins and eat healthy and skip hand sanitizer like the plague.

  3. Hey Nicole,

    I hope everyone feels better so you all can enjoy the holiday weekend. What is one thing that is found in those who have passed on and have an autopsy...vitimans in pill form. My chiropractor said the pill vitimans do little good. I really LOVE our liquid vitamins. The boys even like it. It is Organic Life Vitamins. It is a whole food based blend of essential vitamins, full spectrum minerals, 24 veggies, super fruits, berries and fruits, organic aloe vera, amino acids, msm, chromium picolinate, selenium, and antioxidants. It is made by Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality.

    I also swear by Emergen C. If anyone of us is beginning to feel ill, we take this. My boys want it all the time. Right now we have the Acai Berry flavor.

    Just thought I'd pass on some WONDERFUL VITAMINS. They are worth checking into.


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